Christmas bauble with Facetten-Lack / Weihanachtskugeln mit Facetten-Lack.

Since a couple of years in a cardboard corner, a decoupage paper was collecting a dust. Because Christmas is approaching and I am in a mood of making Christmas ornaments the dust was blown off and mind storming has begun. :) The thing about most of the crafts is it take much time before they are completely finished, because of that many ideas are never materialized. But thank God once the brain starts its creative spin it takes a time to run out of for ideas. ;D

AnnaDecou handmade Christmes decorations, Crackling color, Handgemacht Weihnachtsdekoration, Cremiger Deko-Lack.

AnnaDecou hand decorated acrylic heart, Christmas, art deco-varnish cream to create a crackling effect, handgefertigte Silber Weihnachtsherz.The first time I used Facetten-Lack I faced an interesting surprise. Listen to this story. :D I applied the Lack on a plastic bauble and excitedly waited for it to dry. Then I took the ball in my hands and bit by bit the Lack started to fall from the surface. After being shocked I had a good laugh. ;)
Well this way I have learned that first I must use a primer or that making the surface rough with sandpaper will prepare it for crackling color.

All crafters know that – learning by doing. ;)

AnnaDecou hand decorated ornaments with paper and Facetten-Lack; handgefertigte Weihnachtsschmuck mit Papier und Facetten-Lack.

What are your experiences with Facetten-Lack?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.

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  1. […] have managed to make few beautiful Christmas ornaments in a heart shape. You can see them here and here. The silver heart is hanging on our window decoration and the one with a boy is decorating […]



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