Orange tea roses handmade jewelry box / Handgefertigte Teerosen Schmuckkästchen.

Age is a funny part of a human life. When we are young we wish to be older and when we are older we long to be young again. 😆 Nevertheless, a birthday is a beautiful occasion to gift someone with extraordinary things. As far as my memory goes, when choosing a present I would always search for something practical. This has not changed till now.😉

My dear friend Ela celebrated her birthday in September. For this occasion, I chose to make a box which will be a wonderful addition to her lovely living room.
I have this amazing rice paper with beautiful flowers which I bought in Poland. From the very beginning, I knew that I will use it to create Ela’s gift. She likes the orange color and I hope that those beautiful roses will enclose her heart. :D

AnnaDecou handmade custom gift with roses motif, Serviettentechnik handgearbeitet  Schmuckkasten.

AnnaDecou hand decorate wooden box with rise paper, Serviettentechnik handgemacht Holzkiste.

The sides of the box have been lightly painted with deluded acrylic paint. I wanted to achieve an effect where the fracture of the wood is visible.

AnnaDecou handmade jewelry with orange roses, Serviettentechnik  handegemacht Geschenk mit Teerose.

I love the small strings of the rice paper that are even more visible after applying many layers of varnish. The little fibers add a deepness to the whole design. Don’t you think? :)

Do you also love rice paper as much as I do? 

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


  1. […] The lid is decorated with rice paper. You can see more motifs from that sheet here and here. […]


  2. Omg this is so pretty! I love rice paper :-)

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    1. Thank you dear! :) It is amazing what one can create using rice paper. Rice paper – one of the best discoveries. ;)

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