A beautiful handmade present for boys / Schöne handgemacht Geschenk für Jungen.

Hello my dears. :)
Time is flying. I didn’t even notice that a whole month has passed since I last posted. :/

Being busy doesn’t stop me from creating new things, it just takes a longer time to finish them. ;) On this cute box, I have been working for the last couple of weeks. Finally after some arduous varnishing this wonderful box is ready to be presented. ;)

I have not made many projects for young gentlemen but this is particularly to my liking. I really enjoyed playing with colors to get the variegated sides of the box.
I also love the motif. I have not known that the characters on it are from a fairy tale: Der kleine Rabe Socke. Definitely, this will be one of next german books I will read after ‘Der kleine Nick.’ :D
I am looking forward to the moment when this box will put a smile on a kid’s face. :)


The diamonds are made with modeling paste and stencils.



The sweet buttons are made with… Can you guess? ;)

What do you think about this project? 

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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