Shabby Chic Box / Shabby Chic Kiste

In a previous post, I have mentioned about working on new projects. Finally, I can present one of them to you today. The box was almost ready a week ago but a small detail was lacking – a velvet ribbon.
I guess people who do craft can understand the feeling of frustration when the project is mostly finished but the last touch is missing due to outer circumstances.
I have looked for the particular ribbon in a local craft store but unfortunately no success. When I have a fixed idea on how the end result should look like I can’t just finish it with a “whatever” attitude.
Fortunately three days ago we came back from Poland. We stopped first for few days in my hometown – Wrocław – or Breslau for the German readers ;) (where I could easily find the perfect velvet ribbon :D), and after few days we drove to breathtaking Kraków. If you ever go to Poland, Krakow is a must to be visited. ;)

But going back to the box. It is made out of metal and can be used as a storage for cookies as well as jewelry or memory treasures.

AnnaDecou handmade treasury box with rose,  Serviettentechnik-hangemacht-Shabby-Chic-box..

I made the rough bottom part by using modeling paste. Personally, I think that for such a surface it must be a paste that has flexible properties. If one uses a masonry filler then there is a big chance for the paste to chip off from an aluminium surface.

AnnaDecou handmade metal box with rose motif, Serviettentechnik hanbemalt Schmuckbox, Schmuckkästchen, Schmuckschatulle.

The lid is decorated with relief outliner and two-step crackle glaze. Originally the cracks should have been bigger, but it appears that most probably I haven’t applied enough thick coat on the second layer of the crackle glaze. My conclusion is that I must make more projects with this medium to master it – if that is ever possible. ;P The last touch that was missing untill my trip to Poland was a velvet ribbon at the foot of the box. ;)

AnnaDecou handcraft Shabby Chic jewelry box, Serviettentechnik-handarbeit-relief-und-cracke-Metall-Box..

Have you mastered the two steps crackle glaze? If so feel free to share your experiences. ;)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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