Wooden Retro Hanging Board / Serviettentechnik Deko Küchenbrett Retro.

It has been a long time since I wrote the last post. :/ During my absence, I got involved in many additional projects (such as a little garden on our balcony, an Eco home, new cooking projects, work in a Café and many others…) so have not had much time left for decoupage and activities associated with it.
But I always go back to things I like. ;) I pushed myself and found time to sit for a few minutes (which turns sometimes to hours ;P) in last few days and began to work on a few decoupage creations. :D

Today though I would like to present a board I have worked on some time ago.

I wish that a unique Café or a person who loves coffee and cookies will become a proud holder of this exceptional Retro board. :)

Decoupage hand decorated wooden board Tea Time,

I thought that decorating both sides of the board will be more fun and can serve more use. If you feel like a little bit of more color, then the picture with a sweet little girl is perfect for this mood. If you want a more neutral and simple option just flip the board and voila. ;) I think we all like a change from time to time

AnnaDecou handmade Cafe board retro style,

AnnaDecou retro hanging board,

Are you a fan of the retro style? :)

Text & photo: AnnaDecou.


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