Upcycled mandarin crate / Serviettentechnik Upcycled Mandarin Kiste.

Some time ago I have found a mandarin crate. Before I got inspired and decided what I would like to use it for, the case spent a couple of weeks on my balcony. ;P
Lately, when I was arranging the shelves with decoupage materials, the idea of creating an organizer for paints came to my mind.
The color is not exactly the one I imagined at the beginning, but that is the fun part in decoupage. The outcome can be sometimes really surprising. ;)

I haven’t used the crackle glaze since I moved from Cyprus to Germany. As the weather in those countries is completely different I thought it will be fun to work with crackle glaze. I must admit that I gave a try two times, as with the first result I was not satisfied. But now I can say that the size of the cracks is perfect. :)

AnnaDecou hand decorated wooden box with crackle glaze and 3D ornament, Serviettentechnik Serviettentechnik Hand dekoriert holzkiste.

Adding small ornaments became one of my favorite finishes.

AnnaDecou decoupage wooden box with crackle glaze and silicon stamp decoration, Serviettentechnik handarbeit holzkiste - upcycling.

The motif is from a napkin and the white writings were made using a silicon stamp.

AnnaDecou hand craft  upcycled wooden box, Serviettentechnik mit 3D Ornamet.

Let me know your thoughts about upcycling. Do you also find a use in things that most people would throw away?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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