Love and sweetness to and from Madrid.

Two days ago we came back from Madrid. :D Even though we missed our first flight we managed to have a wonderful holiday. :) During our stay in Spain, between rain showers, I had a chance to visit some beautiful places and fill my stomach with traditional meatless Spanish foods, whilst also doing some shopping (finally, I found a country where I can buy stuff suitable to my size) ;P Meeting Aleks’s best friend – Anita and her husband Miguel – added magic to this visit. They are such lovely people, who surrounded us with lots of love and care despite their really busy schedules.

As a way of saying thank you for hosting us, I have created this beautiful box with nature landscape motif which Aleks has chosen. :)

AnnaDecou handmade gift box, Serviettentechnik Handarbeit Schmuckschatulle.


A box like this you will be able to make by yourself in next workshops which will take place on 22nd of May. To take a part please contact me via email:

The number of participants is very limited!!!
Decoupage / Serviettentechnik workshops are taking place in Frankfurt am Main. ;)

Price: € 40 – materials included. Duration 2-3 hours. Time: 18:00. Place: you will be informed by email after registering to the workshops.

AnnaDecou hand decorated jewelry box, Serviettentechnik Handwerk Schmuckkästchen.

Nature  – the creation of God, a sign of His greatness and perfection. :) I am in love with this box. :D

AnnaDecou handmade wooden box for jewelry, Serviettentechnik hanbemalt Schmuckbox, Schmuckkästchen, Schmuckschatulle.

Where do you see greatness and perfection? What particularly “speaks” to you – maybe music, stars or art? :)

Text: AnnaDecou.
Photo: Aleksandar Pavlovski.


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