Tea canisters / Tee-Kanister.

Some time ago I met two very sweet and warm-hearted Polish sisters, Ela and Iwonka. They live in Germany for many, many years and their mother comes to visit them regularly. We become so close, that they are calling Aleks and I “their kids”. :) Once during their visit to our home, we offered Mrs. Irenka, the mother of the sisters, a cup of green tea which she liked very much. Not long ago Mrs. Irenka had a birthday and also her visit in Frankfurt was coming to the end. This occasions inspired me to present her with a tea which she enjoyed in our house together with a jar, where she could keep it.

And here we go –  Roses and gold.

AnnaDecou handmade glass tee canister,  handgemachte glass Tee Dose.

AnnaDecou hand decorate tea jar, Serviettentechnik hangemachte Tee-Kanister.

The napkin with a beautiful roses motif was given me by a colleague from times whilst studying German. Thank you Айше. ;)

Lots of women like roses, are you one of them?  :)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.



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