Prayer request box / Gebets Kasten.

Some time ago at the end of Mass, our Father Stefan sent a request to the gathered people. I have not heard that appeal. But Aleks, a great supporter of mine keep his eyes and ears open. He was so excited and kept asking will I do it? But I have no idea what he was talking about. ;P Eventually he has clarified what moved him so much and I did my usual “aaaaa…!!!”. ;P
Yes, sometimes opportunities are right in front of our noses which we simply don’t notice. ;P

It was a great pleasure to create a box where we (as a Church community) can place requests to pray for intentions important to us.

The Priest from Saint Leonhard’s in Frankfurt had few wishes regarding an outlook of the prayer casket. He just asked that it should be purple. :D

Hand decorated casket for prayers, Handgemachte Gebet Box.

Handmade decoupage box for prayers, Serviettentechnik handgemachte Gebet Kasten.

Craft wooden box for prayers, Serviettentechnik handarbeit Holz Kasten fur Gebet.

It is nice to know that there is support of others in your prayers, don’t you think?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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