Big Easter Egg / große Ostereier.

I know Easter has passed, but I can not resist the urge of sharing with you. :) I would like to show you another egg that I have made at the creative weekend mentioned in a previous post.

The egg proudly presented itself on our windowsill during the Easter time. I really love it!

AnnaDecouhandmade plastic Easter egg with rice paper, große Ostereier mit serviettentechnik und reispapier.

The motive is from rice paper and the plastic egg is painted with frost spray.

AnnaDecou hand painted lace, relief, decorative sand, handbemalte eier mit spitze.

AnnaDecou hand craft Easter egg relief, lace, handgemacht Ostereier.

Definitely making a lace is one of the most relaxing activities I have so far experience in decoupage. :D

What relaxes you in decoupage? :)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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