Easter and the new changes.

Wishing you joy, health, peace and…creativity. :D May you find the renewal of hope and the spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. :D 

Some time ago I had the pleasure to spend a weekend with creative people in a beautiful guesthouse by a river. There I had the chance to practice a new technic introduced by Sylwia Servin. I must admit that I admire her skills. Her hands cloak years of hard work and practice.

Each year on Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Over centuries, eggs have become a symbol of a new life. Many of us, especially kids with lots of excitement decorate the eggs. :) I also was and still  am one of them. :)

Here is the example. :D

AnnaDecou hand craft Easter egg, lace patterns decorating, handgemacht Ostereier,Spitzenmuster Dekoration.

I must say that I purely enjoyed creating elaborate patterns on this egg. The task was very relaxing for me. :D

AnnaDecou handmade Easter egg, Handgemcht Ostereier.

What are your favorite methods of decorating Easter eggs?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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