Knitting needles box/Stricknadeln Box.

Knitting is one of many craft works I’ve been taught as a child by my mother. Some years ago, before I discovered decoupage, my hands created beautiful knitted toys. One of them was a sweet blue elephant made from organic cotton yarn. This was a present for my boyfriend Aleks and today lifetime partner. :)

Knitting is a beautiful craft but I didn’t get hooked on it as I did on decoupage. So I knit rarely. Last October I had knit a scarf that keeps my neck warm to this very day. :)

As I remember, many knitting needles were lying all over the place and the trouble started when I need to found a pair. But now I have a solution to it. Any needles can live in this beautiful box – no more searching. :D

AnnaDecou hand craft tubes for knitting needles, handgemacht Stricknadel box.

The lid is decorated with cracking paste.

AnnaDecou hand decorated storage tube, hangemacht dose.

This motif you can also see at a flower vase here. :)

AnnaDecou handmade carton tube, handgemacht box fur Stricknadel.

Where are you storing your knitting tools? :)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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