Binder for men/Aktenordner für mann.

Undoubtedly men and papers equal mess. ;p
Aleks is tidy in many areas, and I love him for that. But even those ones who like to fold their underwears have difficulties in having bills, statements and other papers in order. No one is perfect. ;P
I think that this is a men think and woman must accept that, but of course to a certain limit.

To make my life a bit easier I made a binder for my love. Why easier for me? Because from now I will search for documents in one binder, not in 5 drawers. :D

AnnaDecou hand decorated binder, hand dekoriert Aktenordner fur Manner.

The motif you should know from other craft. If you would like to see them again check flower pot, pen holder and Christmas bauble.

AnnaDecou handmade binder, handgemacht Aktenordner fur Manner.

AnnaDecou handmade binder, hand dekoriert Aktenordner fur Manner.

How you cope with your man ‘tidiness’? ;)

Photo & Text: AnnaDecou.


  1. […] have worked on Aleks’ binder (see here) using chalk paints. Because I was happy with the result (the paint holds pretty well to the […]


  2. Niedwied · · Reply

    Love it!!! Thank you my love! :D :***


    1. You are welcome. :)



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