Custom gifts – tea canister.

The German course is behind me and thanks to it my knowledge of the language is much broader. Also new friendships began from people I studied with. :) Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, yesterday I have received my B1 certificate. I passed with flying colours!:D
Beside many hours spent studying, all this is thanks to Zorro and Frau Christine, my teachers.

Thank you for great time during those intensive 6 months! :)

Diffrent people show appreciation diffrently. I like to express mine through my craft.
For those lovely teachers I have made each of them a tea jar.AnnaDecou hand decorated tea jar, handdecoriert Tee Behalter.

Owls motif is one of my favourite. Other works with owls you can see here, here and here.AnnaDecou handmade glass tea canister, handdecoriert Tee Dose.

As a tea and herbs lover I need lots of canisters. So stay tuned as there is more coming. ;)

And you, where do you keep your teas, coffees and spices?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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