Bunny and bear – memory box.

Some time ago I got an order for a box. A young gentleman, who order it for his sweetheart, wished to have on the lid a motif with bunny and bear. It took me some time to find the one he really likes but eventually we got a perfect picture.
The author of the picture is Carrie Wagner. Her work you can buy on etsy.com.

The picture was placed using photo medium. AnnaDecou wooden box with custom motif, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

Inside the box also photo with bunny & bear. :D They told me that in this box they will collect memories, souvenirs etc. from trips they took together. An awesome idea. :D

AnnaDecou hand decotared wooden box, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

The picture was placed on a canvas and the frame was made using modeling paste.

AnnaDecou custom order for memory box, Holzkiste von Hand dekoriert.

My next goal is to make a small coffer for our souvenirs. :) But first jars for teas and spices. :)

Do you have your special box for beautiful moments?

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


  1. Justyna · · Reply

    Fajne pudełeczko, śliczne kolorki


    1. Dziękuję. :)


  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Beautiful work as always :-)


    1. Niedwied · · Reply

      Forgot to sign it!



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