Frankfurt workshops have started.

The time of school is finished, a german exam is behind me. I can proudly say that after 7 months I am able to communicate in a new language. :D
A normal part of life is that we are in constant move and there are always new challenges and possibilities approaching our horizon. Next two weeks I will spend in Poland running from one government office to another (always some documents to sort out ;P), but the journey of perfecting my decoupage skills will continue. New decoupage methods will be presented soon. ;)

Speaking about new possibilities, as mentioned in the title, the workshops have started. :)
And here some photos.

AnnaDecou decoupage workshops, working on glass.

Even very young ones found an interest in decoupage/Serviettentechnik. :D Teaching them was a pure joy for me. :)

AnnaDecou Serviettentechnik fur Kinder. Workshops.

AnnaDecou Serviettentechnik workshops Frankfurt.

The girls have chosen motifs on their own and decorated objects according to their own liking with small suggestions. ;)

AnnaDecou decoupage workshops Gremany, Serviettentechnik Deutschland.

In a coming workshop, participants will decorate objects using particular methods and mediums. More information soon. :)

Photo & Text: AnnaDecou.


  1. I’m thinking of doing workshops!


    1. :) Cool, good luck! :)



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