Last pieces to be shown. ;)

The end of January is approaching and the Christmas celebration is also coming to an end.
Before we move to another happy celebration, which is Jesus’ resurrection, I would like to show you the last Christmas ornaments. :)

AnnaDecou hand made plastic Christmas bauble with glitter, handgemacht Weinachtsschmuck.

AnnaDecou hand cratf decoupage christmas ball, hnadgemacht Serviettentechnik Weinachtsschmuck.

A little bit of glitter and 3D gel and the inside of the bauble looks much better. :)

AnnaDecou Decoupage plastic bauble, hangemacht  Plastikbaumkugel.

Last week I presented a bauble decorated with metal effect paste. Today you can see how the Ferro paste looks like on a different surface.

AnnaDecou Hand decorated plastic ball, Christmas decoration, hangemacht Weinhtsschmuck.

To make the deer bulge out a bit more I applied 3D effect gel.

AnnaDecou hand craft Christmas decoration, handarbeitet Weihnachtskugeln.

AnnaDecou hand decorated plastic ball,  metal effect, hanarbeitet Weihnachtskugeln.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas period! :)

Photo & text: AnnaDecou.


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