Still in Christmas spirit.

Since over a week people have been throwing away their conifer. We are not so keen to get rid of ours which, still fully decorated, takes pride of place in the living room. :) I like when it is there, especially when Aleks turns on the fairy lights. This scenery really gives a warm feeling in my heart. But don’t worry, the tree won’t stay here till next year. We are undergoing a serious debate where to replant it till the next Christmas. ;P

Being still in the Christmas spirit I would like to present you with more ornaments from our tree. :D

AnnaDecou hand decorated styrofoam ball, styroporkugel,-weinachten,-handarbeit.

The flourishes at the top and bottom are decorated with silicon stamps.

AnnaDecou handcraft styrofoam bauble, handarbeitet Weihnachtsschmuck.

AnnaDecou handcraft ornaments, hangemacht Weinachtskugeln.

Photo: AnnaDecou.

Are you as sentimental as we are and still have your Christmas tree? ;)


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