Let’s see what was created in 2015. :D

For many of us the end of the year is a time when we look at what we have achieved in the last 365 days and reflect on what we have to improve upon.

I would like to thank you all for following AnnaDecou in last twelve months. Each of your visits on this blog and the smallest comment is a great encouragement and support for me.
I wish to say a big thank you to you Aleksandar for you great support, encouragement and believe in me. Love You dearly. :*

In 2016 I wish you all lots of love. God bless you all!

Here is a little summary of my work from 2015: :)

Some of the custom orders.


AnnaDecou cats motive, Christmas decoration. Weihnachtskugel,-Katzen. AnnaDecou custom design for boy crayon holder. Stifthalter für Jungen. AnnaDecou custom design fr girls, pencil holder. Box für Stifte. AnnaDecou manly design for office. Innenausstattung für Männer. AnnaDecou men desk organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter. Decoupage-custom-order---bottle-for-Rakija.-Hangarbeit-Glasflasche.Decoupage-custom-order-for-CEO-present,-Hangarbeit-Glasflasche.AnnaDecou brushes organizer. Blechdosen, Schachteln, Dosen.

Some of the boxes.

AnnaDecou hand decorated box with roses and reliefs. Hand dekorierten Box

AnnaDecou hand made jewelry box. Schmuckschatulle

 AnnaDecou hand decorated rose box. Hand dekoriert Box, Geschenk. AnnaDecou hand made metal box. Metalleffekt- serviettentechnik. Decoupage-victorian-design-casket.-Viktorianischen-Stil-Sarg AnnaDecou Black box. Stencils, modeling paste, lace. 3D-Design, Spitze, Schatulle. AnnaDecou handcrafted wooden storage box. Aufbewahrungskiste. AnnaDecou. Decorated box for jewelry, dekorierten Box für Männer.

Lots of Christmas baubles and still more are coming.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Xmas bauble with a little girl, handarbitet Weihnachtskugel. AnnaDecou handmade Christmas ornament, rice paper with bells, handarbeit Weihnachtsschmuck. AnnaDecou hand decorated Christmas bauble, flowers, lace, weihnachtsschmuck. AnnaDecou Handmade Xmas plastic bauble, rice paper, weihnachtskugel, handarbeit. AnnaDecou Xmas handmade decoration, relief outliner, Weihnachtskugel, handarbeit.  AnnaDecou handmade Xmas bauble, relief outliner, Weihnachtskugel, handarbeiten. AnnaDecou hand craft Christmas Bauble, rice paper, Weihnachtsschmuck, handarbeiten. AnnaDecou Christmas bauble, serviettentechnik, weihnachtsschmuck. AnnaDecou decoupage handmade Christmas bauble, handgemacht weihnachtskugel. AnnaDecou sweet hand made Christmas ball, Weihnachtskugeln. AnnaDecou cats motive, Christmas decoration. Weihnachtskugel,-Katzen. AnnaDecou xmas decorations, two steps crackle, weihnachtenskugel

See you in 2016! :D

Photo: AnnaDecou


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