2 more days…

The stove is full of pots and pans in which special dishes are cooking. Those delights will be served at an important dinner. In the evening of 24th December, Catholics sit at a table with their families and together celebrate the birth of little Jesus.

In the meantime, waiting for some things to be cooked, I made myself a cup of coffee and decided to write a post where I share with you new creations. ;)

This is a little girl with an umbrella surrounded by snow. Isn’t she sweet? :)

AnnaDecou handmade Christmas bauble, rice paper and ribbon, Hangemacht Weihnachtsschmuck.

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings” – movie from 1946 “It’s a Wonderful Life”. :D

AnnaDecou handmade Christmas ornament, rice paper with bells, handarbeit Weihnachtsschmuck.

AnnaDecou hand decorated Xmas bauble with a little girl, handarbitet Weihnachtskugel.

Photo: AnnaDecou.

Have you hung bells on your Christmas tree? ;)


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