Xmas bauble – custom order.

A long time passed since my last post, but be sure I didn’t go into hibernation mode. ;P
All this time I have dedicated to learning German (exam coming soon) and making more Christmas decorations.

A couple of weeks ago a colleague from my German course asked me to bring some of my crafts to the class. Lots of people liked the Blue Roses box, wich you can see here. The Christmas baubles also found its advocates.

From the excitement and admiration my teacher ordered one Christmas bauble, which in German is called Weihnachtenskugel, for her daughter.
The bauble was requested with a cat theme. So Voilà: :DAnnaDecou xmas decorations, two steps crackle, weihnachtenskugel

Crackle medium – one never knows what will be an end result.

AnnaDecou 2 steps crackle, snow, cats, Weihnachtskugel,-Katzen.

AnnaDecou cats motive, Christmas decoration. Weihnachtskugel,-Katzen.

Using stencils on a rounded surface is quite a challenge. Snow paste is also a capricious medium.

AnnaDecou snow effect, stencils, relief, weinahtskugel.

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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