:D What a nice surprice.

I have just logged in to share my new creation and what I saw…?!

Yes, exactly one year ago I have created this blog. :D

I would like to thank Aleksandar from the bottom of my heart for the support, encouragement and belief he has in me. Hvala ti puno! :*

The first post you can see here. :D

A proud fills my heart. I am pleased to be dedicated for such a long time to AnnaDecou blog. I encourage you in committing yourself to one thing for as long as it is possible. Believe me, the crises are inevitable, distractions too especially in today’s world. But not giving up will make you master in what you do. ;) The reward will come suddenly. ;D

Let’s get to the details. ;)

Christmas is approaching and I am pleased in indulging myself in decorating Xmas baubles :D
Styrofoam is an interesting material to work with.AnnaDecou xmas hand decoration, weihnachten serviettentechnik

It is a nice feeling when husband seeing your craft says: “Oh, wow!” :DAnnaDecou Christmas decoration, bauble, serviettentechnik,-kunststoffkugel.

 Making ribbon bow is quite a challenge. I think after this Xmas I will be a master in making them. ;PAnnaDecou hand decorated xmas baubles, Weihnachtenskugel

This bauble is 10cm big. Little pearls dots are made using pearl pen.

Have you already started decorating Christmas beauties?

Photo: AnnaDecou.


  1. Thank you Dora! :)


  2. So cute, so special, really nice work!!



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