3D Metal Effect.

Working on metal is not an easy task. Chances of your work peeling after some time are quite big. I wanted to use this box as a storage for ribbons so making a simple decoupage was out of the question. Luckily in this craft there is many decorating methods and materials: more than one can think of. ;)

Thanks to those variety dozens of interesting things like this one below come to life. ;)

AnnaDecou hand made metal box. Metalleffekt- serviettentechnik.

Modeling paste, silicon stamps and stencils are part of this creation.

AnnaDecou metal effect, modeling paste. handarbeit, Hand verziert.

AnnaDecou metal effect using stencils, acrylic paint. Handarbeit, serviettentechnik.

What do you think about this piece? Aleks said it looks to him like a sea surface. ;P Do you see the same? :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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