A romantic love story hidden in…

So many times I try to prepare a post on a piece of paper. But when I finally sit on my computer different vision comes to my head.

When I was working on photos below and look at the box, trying to keep the pictures as realistic as possible I saw a story hidden in this beauty.

I invite you to a different epoch. :D

Times of renaissance. A young and beautiful like a light pink rose girl for many years looked inside this box just before going to sleep. She was secretly in love with an extraordinary man. Next to him she felt very special. Theirs love was so strong that when they meet together they would forget about a whole world, they would get lost completely in their own presence. They will enjoy every second of the time they spend together.
Unfortunately, his life was already arranged by his parents. Their love had no rights to exist. In few weeks, he was gone marry a woman he never met. As a goodbye present, he gave her this beautiful box with a pearl necklace inside. Her heart was broken for a very, very long time. She kept in this box the pearls and every letter she exchanged within him.
When she became an old lady, the sweetness and gentleness of the rose stayed with her. In cold evenings, her grown up grandchild’s would bring the Rose Box then sit next to her and listen this love story. ;)

AnnaDecou hand decorated box with roses and reliefs. Hand dekorierten Box

AnnaDeco roses and gold, cracking paste, stencils. Hand dekorierten Box

AnnaDecou hand craft, custom design, roses, cracking paste. Hand dekorierten Box

Photo: AnnaDecou.

How do you like the box and the story behind? ;)


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