Provencal kitchen organizer.

This kitchen organizer originally supposed to be a storage tube for spaghetti. When the last layer of varnish dried I ran to kitchen, search in a cupboard for pasta, open the box, put the pasta in the tube, and it turned out that he box was too short. ;P

In the end a spaghetti storage box became a kitchen tools organizer. :DAnnaDecou Provence kitchen organizer. Kücheorganisator.

This same motif I used in other work, which you can see here.
AnnaDecou, handmade decorated tube kitchen holder. Kücheorganisator.

Do you like provencal style? I think my kitchen will be in this tone. :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.



  1. Świetny pomysł! Szkoda że nie mam gdzie postawić takiego u siebie w kuchni ;)


    1. Dziękuję! :) Taki pojemnik może mieć wiele zasotosowań, niekoniecznie w kuchni. ;) Myslę, że osobą, które mają dzieciaczki może “poukładać “wiele spraw. ;)



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