In her heart is still spring. :)

Maybe the weather got a bit cooler, but each day I try to catch on things that reminding me of a magical spring. Those things are like: sun rays penetrating through the clouds, birds sitting on trees giving a beautiful concert,  playful butterfly (yes, there are still appearing), or the rose on our balcony that keeps releasing new buds.

Announcement: :D
On 4th of October after 9.30 Mass  in St. Leonard’s Parish in Frankfurt you will be able to buy some of my crafts. The money from a sale will go to support the two annual Parish Charities. :D

Speaking about roses and butterflies… ;) Looking at this piece my heart fill with warmth. Hope it has this same affect on you. ;)

AnnaDecou hand made jewelry box. Schmuckschatulle

AnnaDecou hand decorated box. Hand verziert Schatulle

On top of the butterflies I have applied 3D gel to make them more really. ;)

Do you love spring as much as I do? How do you bring yourself closer to spring in cold days?

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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