Victorian style – short period of prosperity.

Some time ago I went with a “relief flow” and decorated several objects in one wave. ;) One of them is a box below.

First I designed gold relief and then chose the motif around it. The inspirations which came during working with the box guided me to this result.
So, basically first two factors took me to victorian style – second half of XIX century; a time of prosperity for a few but unfortunately great misery for the masses.
I like Victorian interior designs – warm colors and complex patterns often covered every surface*. It is nice to admire someone else’s home decorated with a style from the Victorian era, but in mine I would rather stick to a simple decor. ;)

AnnaDecou victorian style, crackling glaze, gold, casket for jeweler.  Schmuckkästchen.

AnnaDecou victorian jewelry box. Schmuckkästchen.

What do you think about the Victorian style? Would you keep your treasures in a box like the one above? :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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