Black & white but still sweet.

My dear Agni with whom I spent nice time at work gave me once some advice: you risk less in making a mistake by giving a present in a black theme than for example in blue or any other colour. Based on this tip I decided to enrich my collection in objects where black is the predominant color.

Black box with 3D flowers design made from stencil and modeling paste.

AnnaDecou Black box. Stencils, modeling paste, lace. 3D-Design, Spitze, Schatulle.

Simple but so sweet. It is a perfect gift for a woman of any age.

AnnaDecou - black & white 3d relief, Schmuckkästchen.

 A beautiful white lace is attached around the lid.

AnnaDecou black & white 3d relief flowers. Box für Schmuck, Blumen.

You can see another black beauty here. ;)

Do you also think that with black one can’t go wrong? ;) 

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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