Custom design for a boy.

As mentioned in a previous post, today I would like to present you a pen holder designed especially for my nephew.

This time I have worked on a can from peanuts. The motif was already used on other objects. Those creations you can see here and here.
Making a pen holder for Adaś with his name on it was fun which required extra creativity.

AnnaDecou custom pen, pencil holder for boy. Stifthalter für Jungen.

The original motif has only three first letters from an alphabet. So extra “a” & “ś” is designed by me, and I am quite happy with the results.

AnnaDecou custom design for boy crayon holder. Stifthalter für Jungen.

Attention: Any kind of recycled cans have a sharp inner side where the lid used to be. This part, when grabbed or touched may cause cuts on the skin. If you decide to use a tin please be sure that the sharp places are secured. For me the best was a cord, which is glued onto the can inner side covering the sharp edge.

What is your latest custom creation for your loved one? :)

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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