Something sweet for an adorable girl. :D

I must say that last 3,5 months of my life are extremely intensive. I have traveled in this period more than ever before. :D

This time was Poland. Finally after 2,5 years I have seen my family, my dearest friends and my hometown – beautiful Wrocław. :D

For this occasion, I have created little presents for my nephew and nieces. :)
Amelia, on my wedding day and her birthday, got a box that I have made a long time ago and kept for a special occasion. This box you can see here. As an addition to “Sweet little girl” I have made small pen and pencil organizer.
AnnaDecou custom design fr girls, pencil holder. Box für Stifte.

AnnaDecou custom pencil holder for girl. Crayons Halter.
Adas and Wiktoria also have one. You can see them in the next post. ;)

Do you have your sweet favorite design? :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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