Manly flower pot – guys need some greenery too. ;)

Today I have a pleasure to participate in a small knitting meeting. :D Girls are from all over the globe and what is the most important they love to handicraft. ;) The knit and crochet stuff they work on are really amazing!

Julia, a sweet girl who invited me to the meeting, was kind enough to take a yarn and knitting needles for me. Unfortunately I had to leave my own in Cyprus, in a charity shop as I had no space to take it with me.

As the post title indicates, today we have a flower pot which can be proudly presented in a man’s office. I have decorated this pot thinking of Aleksandar and his working place. I believe that flowers create a homely atmosphere. One needs this kind of vibe especially when spending so many hours away from home.

A couple of posts ago I presented a pen organizer (which you can see here) for Aleks’ office. I decided to use this same motif on this project.

AnnaDecou music flower pot. Blumentopf für den Menschen.With a musical design it is difficult to go wrong. ;)AnnaDecou hand decorated flower pot for men. Büro Dekoration für Männer.

AnnaDecou manly design for office. Innenausstattung für Männer.

What do you think about this musical duo? :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.

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