Men desk organizer.

When I presented you a brush holder which you can see here, I promised that soon you will be able to see a desk organizer for men.

So here we go! :D

The motif I have got on a day trip to Wiesbaden. It is a beautiful place, really recommend to visit. ;)
You can’t get wrong with a present for men where a theme is car or music instruments. ;)

AnnaDecou men desk organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter.

AnnaDecou. Pen & pencil organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter.

This organizer will keep Aleks pens, pencils, and other useful office tools in one place. ;)

AnnaDecou pen, pencil organizer. Schreibtisch Veranstalter.
Following the German spirit, I recycle, recycle and recycle. :)
Guess what I used to make this manly pen holder? ;)

What do you think? Is it a good idea to transform unuseful things? :)
Maybe you have a better recommendation for tin metamorphosis? 

Photo: AnnaDecou


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