Vintage diffuser.

Long time passed since I did research about natural air fresheners. Online you can find plenty of DIY projects and ideas. From all possibilities, I like mostly diffuser, just because of its simple use. You can place it anywhere you wish and Voilà, you are surrounded by favorite scent. :D

Here we have a freshly decorated jug which perfectly fits as a diffuser.

AnnaDecou jug for diffuser. Lufterfrischer., Hand dekoriert Krug.

Decotared pot with reliefs in vintage style.

AnnaDecou vintage style hand decorated pot. Hand dekoriert Krug,, Erleichterung.

AnnaDecou vintage, relief, pot, hand decorated.  Hand dekoriert Krug, Erleichterung.

Have you created – decorated an air refresher? If so, please be free to share in comments bellow. :D
Be an inspiration! :)

Diffuser recipe.

I have not practiced a lot with relief outliner. In order to become really good at using it one must practice, practice and again practice. So, next relief project on the way. ;)

Photo: AnnaDecou.

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