That was just a gherkin jar. Look what happened to it.

Sorry for being a bit delayed in my posting schedule, but all for a good reason. ;)
Aleks’ brother graduated (we are all very proud of him :D) and due to this reason I had a pleasure to visit a new country – the United Kingdom. :D

I am still organizing the kitchen. ;) As mentioned before I am a person who sees potential value in most of the things which people throw away. This time I have found usefulness in a glass jar. :)

So, here we have a container for pasta. :)

AnnaDecou Decoupage. Decorated pasta box. Pasta-Behälter.
You can see this same motif here.

AnnaDecou recycle jar -pasta container. Decoupage-handmade-box-for-pasta.-Pasta-Behälter..

I decided to create a little ‘window’ so my husband can see what is inside. To make the opening look more interesting inside one can see a bird house and a sparrow. :D

What are you using jars for? Please leave a comment in the section bellow and let me know your thoughts. Maybe we can get some inspiration together. ;)

Photo: AnnaDecou.


  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful finish. It must look glorious in your kitchen. ~ Cobs.


  2. Aleks · · Reply

    Very nice pictures! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! :)



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