Wedding rings & custom designed box for a special occasion.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. :D :D :D
Most of us imagine a marriage ceremony as a celebration from a fairytale, yet it frequently turns to a hectic and stressful event.
We have been blessed by God. Our marriage and procedure associated with this occasion went quite smoothly. :D

As mentioned here, each of our guests got a ribbon rose in a specially designed box.
Where there is a wedding there are rings, and where there are wedding rings there is a box for them.

AnnaDecou custom box for wedding rings. Hochzeitsringe.

AnnaDecou custom box for wedding rings.  Hochzeitsringe box.

AnnaDecou hand decorated wedding rings box. Hochzeitsringe box.

Hope you like it. :) Every feedback is welcome. ;)

Photo: AnnaDecou.


  1. Mrs Cube · · Reply

    Love that! soo cute and romantic! <3


    1. Thank you Dear! Glad you like it! :)



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