Wedding gifts for guests.

It is closer and closer to the marriage day. :D
Big tasks are already arranged. Only the little things still need to bring to the end.

Today I would like to present you little gifts that I made for our wedding guests. Let this be a sign of our appreciation to them for being a part of this special day.
Silk ribbon roses will be attached to our costumes. Me & Aleksandar will have white roses. Witnesses will have red roses with white touch in the middle and rest of the family red. Flowers are packed in perfectly accordant boxes. On top of a box lid, one can see our names and wedding date.
As a practical person I was looking for practical gifts for our guests. The combination of rose in the box is perfect for this event. I thought also that roses may be useful for other occasions. ;)

AnnaDecou ribbon&box for wedding. Hochzeitsgeschenke.

AnnaDecou custom design wedding gifts. Hochzeitsgeschenke.Soon you will see our hand-decorated wedding rings box. Stay tuned! ;)

Like this idea? Would you like to get it for your own wedding? Contact AnnaDecou.

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