Traveler – adventurist!

Funny, it seems we forget what is a pure excitement when we get older.
A traveler can deeply enjoy his journey when he entirely trust to God and his guidance, then the fear has no right of existence.
I don’t know how may years have passed, but my whole body and soul experience an excitement of the unknown, the change, the new being ahead of me. I feel like a little girl that goes on a trip. I love this feeling, and I am deeply grateful for it!

I feel like a wild animal which is discovering new territory. :D I do recommend such changes. ;)

Perfect craft for this occasion is:

AnnaDecou background painting , africa,

AnnaDecou wooden box African motif, magnetic fastener.

AnnaDecou wooden box multicolored.

Inside of the box is painted by mixing many colors similar to the motif design. Creating such effect was fun, but also took lots of time and few layers of a paint.

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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