Boys also like to store little things.

One could say that only girls are sentimental and keep a unique box under a bed with things that have a special meaning to them. But I don’t agree with that statement. Last time when met my nephew Adam, he was collecting small multicolor glass balls. My good friend son Maks was collecting cards with football players. From personal experience, we all have this “collecting condition.” ;) The only difference is that, when we get older the thing we collect are bigger and more expensive. ;P

So here we go, special box, for a boy treasures. :D

AnnaDecou metal box for boy, decorated, stencils

AnnaDecou aluminium decorated box, boy, decoupage

As a fan of recycle :D I have used a cigar aluminium box. The lid with embossed logo is covered with modeling paste and stencils. Now the little owner can name the box for his treasures as he wishes. :)

Stay tuned a tutorial how to work on an aluminium surface will be posted soon.

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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  2. Thank you! :)



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