Ugly plastic turns to black roses on marble.

Some time ago I got this booklet file folder to practice my skills on plastic. I wanted to use something that will be useful and last for a quite long time.
It is not my favorite material, but it is good to know how to work on it, especially if one is a fan of recycling. :DAnnaDecou decoupage marble, decorated, segregator

This very handy booklet file folder contains left over motifs from napkins and prints. No more little pieces all over the place. ;)

AnnaDecou decorated booklet file folder, black roses, relief outliner

The roses are made using stencils and the gold chain made with relief outliner.

My advice. When you work with such item like booklet file folder with attached pockets be alert which cover is the front one. I end up having pockets open at the bottom. So you can imagine what happen when I try to carry it around. ;P

Photo: AnnaDecou.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing :)



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