It was just a bottle form vinegar. Look how it changed.

Some time ago I visited Rome. The girl that hosted me was drinking every day on an empty stomach an apple vinegar deluded with water. When I learned about the benefits one gets from drinking it, I have decided to check it out when I return from my trip. I got the vinegar. Must admit that, I have pushed myself for few days to drink it but eventually I gave up. Definitely fresh lemon juice is my favorite and has similar benefits. :) I have used the vinegar for my hair, so no wastage. ;)

I have decoupage this bottle a long time ago, but I didn’t have a good idea to finish the top of the vase. Nothing looked good enough. No ribbon, no thread or not even a lace make the whole design appear as a completed project.

One day when organizing, prepacking the workshop table before the trip a microbeads came to my hand. That’s it, this what I needed!

Check this out how awesome it looks! ;D

AnnaDecou decoupage flower vase. Micorbeads.

AnnaDecou. Vase, microbeads,decorated bottle



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