Grab the chance…

So the date is made. Difficulties are faced, emotions are escalating, new is in front & the old will stay behind.
Not always manage to handle things right, but thanks to God a good ones come too. The secret is, as Aleks said to make a continuous effort and focus on positive things. Easy? Not always.
Giving things away can bring on ones path new people or strengthen the connection with the ones one already know.
In my case is Victor, the neighbor.

I have shared with him some of my knowledge about decoupage and what I know about business, networking, websites.

He was so kind to let display my decoupage work at his shop.

From now on till 5th of May you can buy the piece you like at:

AnnaDecou sale wooden decorated box, decoupage

And you can find there:

AnnaDecou buy decorated box, decoupage, sale.

AnnaDecou buy jewellery box, decorated

AnnaDecou decotared box, buy, sell, sale, decoupage

Go to Victor’s shop and try the awesome sandwiches and salads he makes, you won’t find any similar!

Address :
Ippocratous 37, Nicosia.

Pick the piece you like at Vistor’s shop, call me and you will receive 20% off from the price.

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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