Part IX. Is that really a…

This interesting frame was made during the course (see more here).
It is hard to believe, but that’s a fact, it is a plastic photo frame.

When I saw the frame as a raw product, my first thought was yuk – white plastic eyesore. A quite good piece was created with some work and effort using a new technique called decoupage on a dark background.

I will unveil the mystery and tell you that the motif is not glued onto a painted surface.
This method is quite difficult and requires lots of time, patience and precision.

AnnaDecou patina, decoupage dark background, frame, plastic

AnnaDecou frame, gift, photo,

Now knowing how to work on plastic gives more options to create a beautiful craft from nothing.

Thank you for following me, hope you find here useful information and inspirations. 

I would like to share with you that other blogger shared some links with me about craft bazaars. I am very excited coz one of the very important will take place in November 20015. If the will of God I will be an active part of that event. Thank you art3ag. :)

Photo: AnnaDecou


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