Part VIII. Simple clay thing or marvelous flower pot.

Many, many years ago when most things were made from natural materials my mum used to keep indoor flowers in a clay pot. They were thick, heavy and had something like a red colour. Simply nothing special, but very yucky after few years of its servitude.

I am very much in favor of natural products, that’s why I keep flowers in colorful ceramic pots. Unfortunately, they are not cheap. The plastic ones are available just for few cents, what make us reach for them so easy. We are not even giving a second thought is this good for me and the plant.

I am deeply glad that we worked on a clay pot during the course. Thanks to that, I will plant my flowers in pots made from natural materials and decorate as I like. :D

AnnaDecou clay pot and rice paper

Clay pot decorated with rice paper and shaded background.
Looking forward to place this beauty and a nice flower at a table in my new home where with Aleksandar we will eat breakfast.

AnnaDecou decorated clay flower pot

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


  1. Aleks · · Reply

    Love it! Looking forward to enjoying the beautiful flower pots, with beautiful flowers, alongside a delicious breakfast and best company :)

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