Part VII. Decoupage on canvas.

Decoupage on canvas is one of very useful technique I have learned at the course.
It taught me literally, how to paint a background around a motif that those two create one consistent wholeness. I saw some of the work made by my teacher in her workshop and I was really amazed. From far one couldn’t see that it wasn’t a painting. Only when look closely one could notice that there is a precisely cut out motif glued to a canvas and the background is painted around it. It’s a beauty of decoupage!

We had many choices of motifs, but I have picked up this one. Maybe because of the sentiment to dogs. ;)

AnnaDecou. Canvas background painting.Must admit that I have had some difficulties, but with a bit of help from another girl we made a quite good piece of art! ;D

Stay tuned! In a post where I will show last piece created at the course, I will reveal who was my teacher. :D

Photo: AnnaDecou.


  1. […] The design was not big enough to cover a whole box. This same situation we had for example here, here, here and here. :D I invite you to the Gallery. See different designs and work methods. […]


  2. Wow! That’s soo pretty! It really looks like a painting.


    1. Thank you. Yeah, it is awesome! Many great pieces one can make with this technique. ;)



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