:D Owls – shabby chic.

Definitely I have learned one thing in the journey of decoupage – do not buy a whole package of napkins! ;P If you do so, you will end up having owls everywhere. ;P
For sure motif with owls will be available at an e-shop I plan to open in a few months. :D
First time the owls design was used on a box which now serves as a cufflinks storage. Then we have had bookmark for Michal birthday and after a bottle for a cooling drink. All of this projects you can see here.

For a change, we have now owls on… a box. :D Voilà!

AnnaDecou wooden box, gift, silicon stamp

YouTube was my beginning teacher in shabby chic. For the first time, I have tried this decorating method on a box which happened to be a Christmas gift for my friend daughter.
I must admit, with each created box I am more and more satisfied with the outcome.

AnnaDecou silicon stamp, decoupage,  box

Inside of the lid we have a text placed using a silicon stamp.

AnnaDecou decouage wooden box, shabby chic, gift

Don’t you think that this one looks quite good? ;P

 This box is still available! If you wish to get one like this feel free to contact me.

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  1. […] Owls motif is one of my favourite. Other works with owls you can see here, here and here. […]



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