Water nymph & strawberries – photo transfer.

Water nymph – one of the very interesting motif I have found by accident. I was intrigued by this enigmatic nymph. She look like lost in contemplation. Is she thinking about her beloved…
I also saw peace and joy emanating from her. Reverie of this woman gives an impression that her mind is absorbed by something important…Is she fantasizing about happy times with her lover?
Do you sometimes catch yourself daydreaming about one you love? I do. ;D

AnnaDecou decoupage photo transfer

The photo is placed on the box using photo transfer medium.

AnnaDecou decoupage transfer medium

Inside we have relief from stencil and gold paint.

AnnaDecou stencils, transfer, decoupage

Hope you like the whole combination, any feedback is welcome.

Good feedback is the key to improvement. ;)
Bill Gates

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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