Revealing a secret of work on plastic surfaces.

Once a year happens that we all celebrate our first scream – the sign of life.
On this occasion, I got from my flatmate nice chocolates packed in small plastic box. In few days I ate the delights and kept the box – yes, I did share with others. ;P From the first glimpse on the box I knew it will be turned into a nice decoupage piece.

Tennis elbow issue which bother me for last 6 months stops me from undertaking big projects like decoupage on wooden boxes. Few weeks ago I have decided to work on something requiring less complicated action.

Ladies and Gentlemen recycle box for more chocolates. :D

AnnaDecou decoupage plastic box.

AnnaDecou plastic box decoupage.

Plastic is not a difficult surface to work on, but it requires more attention in preparation for decoupage. If the object is painted without proper preparation, it will cause in the future the paint flake from the surface.
In order to adhesive paint, the area you wish to decorate must be well sanded.

Photo: AnnaDecou.


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