Photo transfer – a vision that has different outcome.

Some time ago during self-education in decoupage from YouTube ;P I came across a video with photo transfer technique. Excited about new discovery I decided run next day to an art shop to get a transfer medium. The medium wait its turn for some weeks. :D Finally, after making my mind up about picture and object I took an action.
The vision was a box in black and white accent with photos on a front side and lid. Other sites supposed to have a transfer with favorite quotes.
Photo transfer technique takes time. On each photo one must put minimum 2 layers of the medium. The layer must dry for min.12 hours before putting on next coat.
Whole process of preparation took me days. Life is life, and it writes different story to what we first visualized. Other, outer circumstances took pace and I have to postpone the continuation of the project. By the time I came back to it my vision has changed. ;P

At the end the picture landed on the box lid but not as a part of the whole box. The end product is a beautiful picture which decorates a wall in my living room. :D

AnnaDecou photo AnnaDecou transfer on wood

Foto was taken a year ago in Novi Sad – Serbia . :)

Photo: A. Pavlovski & AnnaDecou.

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