One motif on different objects.

Lavender, amazing plant full of health and beauty benefits. Pot with this flowers at a window, won’t be just a nice decoration, it will also keep mosquitoes away. In a wardrobe will give a nice smell to clothes and scare tineid. On top of that lavender has relaxing properties.
I love lavender. Hopefully soon my dream become truth and I will visit the purple plantation. :D

As you can guess I’ve got this motif because of sentiment towards lavender. Most probably many decoupage object will come out with this theme.  :D

Lavender motif for the first time landed on this bookmark. The simple design made easy to practice shading. While adding more depth to the object I had chance experiment and get more familiar with .
Here you can see this same motif on a wooden box.

AnnaDecou Decoupage, shading, bookmark,

I have exchange this bookmark with my friend Evita at Christmas bazaar for an amazing Christmas garland made out of beautifully designed fabric. I loved the garlands so much, that I bought another one for my friend Gosia. :)

 Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


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