Part III – Shabby chic box.

This sweet box was one of the easiest objects I have had to decoupage at the course. Or… maybe working under extreme time pressure over 4 intensive days, I had already become a super fast expert at it. ;P

AnnaDecou box, wood, crackle, shabby, bitume

As you can see the lid of the box is covered with a crackle. I have tried II steps crackle before I went on the course, but I couldn’t get this effect.
To me, it looks gorgeous.

AnnaDecou crackle, box, shabby, bitumenI have learnt that many different effects of II steps crackle exist. The effects are determined by the different temperatures and humidity levels of the place you work in at the moment. My conclusion about II steps crackle is – use it as much you can, experiment and wait with excitement for the results, because you may get really surprised about the final outcome ;)

AnnaDecou bitume, wooden box, jewelleryII steps crackle I used at the course is definitely one of my favorite products and I look forward to use it again. :)

AnnaDecou double crackle,, shabby, box, gift

At the picture above you can see how nicely growth rings are visible. This effect gives liquid bitumen. The motifs are precisely cut out from a decorative paper.
Hope you like this sweet piece as much as I :D

You can see other work from the course here. :)

 Photo: AnnaDecou.


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